Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Speed dial - Extension

So there are a couple of extensions that will do this, but speed dial is simple and it works.  It is an extension that allows you to add tiles to a new tab page.

Basically, when you open up the chrome browser to a new tab, there is a basic google search page.  I find this redundant as you can just type your search into the line at the top of the browser, that is where the website address is on this web page.  I would rather that the space in the new tab window had things that I could just click and take me to my favorite pages rather than type.  That is what speed dial does.  You add however many tiles you want and set them to web pages that you use and do not feel like typing in.  I have these set to websites that I have my students use throughout the year.  This way they do not have to find the websites or type in long web addresses, they just click on the tile and it takes them to the webpage so they can quickly get to work.  Currently mine looks like this...

Like I said, there are other extensions that allow you to do this, but this one is simple and easy.

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