Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chromebook Not Necessary

So I know I have been talking a lot about the chromebook apps, but that is not the whole story.  The things that you can do on a chromebook, you can actually do on any computer with the chrome browser.

When you open the chrome browser, you can click on the menu icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser and select settings from the option.  Once in the settings tab you can add accounts to the browser.  Add as many as you have and the browser can be customized to each of the accounts you have.

When you are logged into an account, go to the chrome webstore and add whatever apps you want to the browser and they will be available through the browser.  You can access them through the Apps button in the bookmarks toolbar.  Even if you do not have the chromebooks, you can still use the apps through a desktop or laptop computer.

Another great thing.  Say you open the chrome browser on one computer and add Apps under one account.  If you open the chrome browser on another computer and log in under the same account, you will see that the same apps are there.

Just a side note, if you have more than one google account and you set them up in your chrome browser, you can click on the icon you chose for your main account in the upper left of the screen and change to another account and set the browser for whatever you want in that account.

If you have questions, let me know.  Hope this was helpful.

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