Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The idea of having my students create presentations does spark my interest, but presentations take up a lot of time and are usually good for a one time presentation.  I wanted an app where students could make small presentations for little things that we go over in class.  These could be anything from tutorials about how the students solved a problem to presentations where students outline how a theory applies to a real world application.  Ideally, I wanted students to be able to make videos that they could post to some place other than youtube as that website is not accessible through the school internet.

I came across movenote where students could create videos of a slideshow.  The slideshow could be a presentation or any google doc that has been changed into a pdf, jpeg, or png file.  These documents can be loaded into the movenote interface and the students can talk through them.  While they are talking through the files, they can highlight words or pictures in the files.  Movenote also can access the webcam of the chromebooks and record the person as they are talking through the presentation to make it more personal.

I have played with this a little and have made some tutorials for some homework problems that I gave students yesterday.  If you would like to see it, Click Here.  In the video I also use another app that I will be talking about in another post called Daum Equation Editor.

I can think of several uses for this app.  There is the obvious application of having students record presentations and submit them for credit.  With this also comes the possibility of sharing the videos with other members of the class to peer review.  Students could also create tutorials of how to solve certain problem types.  Students could record Pecha Kucha presentations to work on presentation skills.  I am sure there are other applications that I have not listed.  If you think of any, please share.

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