Friday, October 23, 2015

Digital Madlibs with Google Forms

Today I was working with a group who wanted to collect information through a google form , but who also wanted a nicely filled out template that they could reference if needed.  So I went to investigate.

About 1 second into looking at Google Form Add-ons, I found Form Publisher.  Said it would take form submissions and turn it into a document by filling out the template.  I decided to test this in the most professional method possible.  Madlibs!!

If you want to fill out the Form to see what it does, click here.  To view the template and the output, click here.

Form - Create the form with the questions you would like to ask.  Obviously this has more power than Madlibs...but I like Madlibs.

Doc Template - Create the Document or spreadsheet you would like this to fill in.  Use the <<question title>> (case sensitive) to create a field filled in by the form.

Start the Form Publisher Add-on - It pretty much walks you through the steps.  I set mine up to name the document based on the First Name entered in the form.