Saturday, June 18, 2016

Onetab - a must have for Twitter chats

I love Twitter chats. As innovative educators we can get complacent with being seen as innovative in a small group, on a school campus, or in a school district.  In reality, how are we beyond our campus, district, or particular situation.  The members of my PLN (professional learning network) inspire, challenge, and motivate me to try new things and apply what I have done in other ways.  They also teach me through our conversations. Truly amazing people who exemplify growth mindset, entrepreneurial spirit, and collaborative learning.  In 1 hour, I learn more than I could articulate in 40 hours of work.  Here are my favorites.

There are so many more, but I have a family and moderation is key to sustaining that.

So where does OneTab fit in?

  • Chats move fast.  People share resources and links.  I want to read them, but I don't have the time to do it during the chat.  Here is how I handle it.
  • Hold Ctrl and Click the links that people share that you want to read.  That will open the link in another tab.
  • Continue with Chat.
  • At the end of the chat, I use Onetab to save the links for later.  I go about my day with my family.

How to... with OneTab

Go to the chrome webstore and download the extension to google chrome. Here is the link for it. Onetab takes all your open tabs and turns it into a single tab (onetab) with all the links to the resources that are currently open in your web browser.
save image

This will save on this chrome account on your computer (will not be on another computer).  The next time you open chrome on the computer, it is there.  

I name the set of tabs and click Share as Webpage.  This will turn the set of tabs into a webpage with a shareable link.  I create a calendar event for later in the week, when I have time to look at these and I paste the link into the notes of the calendar event as well as reminder test to let me know the topic of the chat.  This ensures that I revisit my train of thought and that the PD I have in my chat is not lost and gone.

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