Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daum Equation Editor

I have always stayed away from equation editors as they have had some quirky issues and lag that just made them frustrating.  I really have started to like this editor as it is simple with an easy to use interface.  Also, there are some buttons at the bottom of the page that make it very appealing.

As you are creating your equations, you can click on the save as image and the editor will take a screenshot of what you have typed thus far and save it.  I find that this helps when working out problems as I can show students the process that I go through to solve problems and not only the final worked out solution.

I have created videos with movenote where I take these screenshots and use them as slides for the video that I am making.  This way I can talk through each step of solving the problem and click to the next step when I want to.  An example of this can be seen if you Click Here.

These presentations of problems take little to no time.  I have also found that my special education students have an easier time with math problems in using this as their organization of problem solving is forced to improve as the flow of the problem is vertical and the progression of one step to the next is easy to follow.

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