Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Skblz cam - extension

The skiblz cam allows you to create screencasts of browser activity.  Since the entire chromebook is in the browser, that can be pretty much anything.

I added this extension to allow me to create videos showing them certain things that I might have them do online.  I might create a video where I show them how to access a website or where I give them a tutorial on how to use some of the apps that we will be using in class.  I think in the future, I might have them create videos of things that they are doing online or to create tutorials that they could share with me or their friends about how to accomplish a specific task.  I have not played with it that much.  That being said, I am using it at the moment to record my typing this blog post and will be posting it below to show what it can do.  All I do is click on the extension button at the top of my browser.  It looks like a small video camera and the video camera begins blinking with a red dot.  when I am done, I click it again and it stops recording and produces a video...

Typing as I wait for the video to load, I can tell you that I have had several messages that the extension has crashed and I just click the reload button on the browser.  I think this is why I have not used it too much.  The video I created was about 2 minutes in length, but the extension likes to take its time making the video... Just a wheel showing me that it is thinking.  Maybe I will post the video in another post.

I think the concept is a great idea and seems to be simple enough, however, their seems to be some bugs that need to get worked out with this.  I will get back to you on that one.

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