Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Coding and publishing websites

I have found that codecademy and editey are great apps for teaching the coding process and then using the coded pages to create websites.

Codecademy - this is the site that walks you through the coding of several different computer languages.  You learn to code while creating a product that you can see.  Students can become familiar with the languages used to create websites.

Editey -  is an app that lets you create google documents that are html.  Not only can you design simple webpages, but you can then have google host the websites for free.  I have played around with the idea of having students create webpages that are shared with the other teachers in the school.  A place where they can showcase the work they are doing in their classes and post things like resumes and documents that could eventually be shared with college admissions.

Students could also embed videos they have made with movenote onto the webpages to catalog the presentations they have done in their classes.  I know there are a lot more applications for both of these, but am hesitant as there are also security and publication issues with students putting material online for the world to see.

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