Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Giving a Poll without the Form - Google Classroom

Was working with a district Admin yesterday on how to create and manage a classroom for a group of teachers and we found this update to the Question in Classroom.  I am going to assume you have seen and used classroom before, so I will start from the STREAM.

Just like it was last year, click the plus (+) sign and Create question in the stream.

Here is where the difference is...

There is a new dropdown where it says Short answer. So I clicked it like a curious cat.  I changed it to multiple choice just to see what it would look like.

This is what I got.  So I created a question.  There are all the same other features, (multiple classes, add things from other sources, save as draft, etc.).

So I published the question.  Here is what another question looks like from the student point of view.

Hope that this helps.

Now What? Possible fun uses that I have yet to try.

  • Add a video or picture and a multiple choice question to it to check for understanding.  Exit Ticket.
  • Obviously there is the voting option.
And I continue to ponder.  Comment if you have nay more.

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