Thursday, June 30, 2016

Google Forms to Quiz

So I tried to create a form today and was asked if I wanted to change it to a quiz... So I investigated.

The fact that the gear in the upper right was highlighted told me to click it.  Here is what I found.

What?! There are 2 new tabs in here... Presentation and Quizzes.  Like Alice, I traveled deeper down the rabbit hole.


This appeared to be just like the old new forms.  Thought it was something about google slides.  Apparently, it is the presentation of the form.  How is it presented to the person filling it out.
Dreams = crushed.


Hoping for better, I lurched my mouse to the quizzes tab.  That was where the magic happened.

There are options for emailing respondents their quiz scores or releasing scores after teacher review.  This means that there must be a way to assign points to each response... There are also options for what students get after they submit their scores.

I wait with bated breath. What secrets lie ahead.

Further down the Rabbit hole:

That is right, I wrote a question.  Check it out.

I clicked on the ANSWER KEY button and added the correct answer.  I left out the picture so you can try it yourself, but it put a check mark to the right of the correct answer (next to the X).  That button becomes like a toggle switch.  This only shows up for Multiple Choice, Dropdown, and Checkbox questions.  When you assign the correct answer, you can:

  • Assign a point value for the question.
  • Create feedback for answers (incorrect and correct)
  • Attach links to the answer feedback for further investigation/reteaching.

I filled out the Form.  The question has the point value next to it.  See!

When I was done I got my confirmation page.  I had the setting checked to give feedback immediately.  Here is what it said.

What happens when you click that?


Notice that the things shown correspond to the options that I checked for this quiz.  Guessing that this changes based on what you have checked with your quiz.

What is the moral of the story?

Click that Dang Button!

To figure out what the other things do, go and create your own.  Change the settings and figure out what it does.  Not that I am trying to be a jerk, but clicking the button is fun.


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