Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Walking through the Google Classroom Updates

So I open up google classroom today and I see this message.

So I read and create a new class.  When I get inside the class, there is no Announcement/Assignment button at the top of the stream.  Seriously, what the heck?  They also took away the question mark in the lower right hand corner and added a PLUS sign...

TOUR TIME.  You can now do an announcement, an assignment, or ask a question.  Cool, I think.  When I click on the + sign there are 4 options.

I can reuse posts from other classes.  SICK.

So I Try them...

  • Reuse Post - here you choose your class, pick the post, then grab the information and assign it as if it were created today.  It even grabs the document and gives you the same options as if creating an assignment for the first time.
  • Create Question - You can attach documents to ask questions, and have the student responses compiled in one place.  You can choose to let students see each others' answers and comment or not.

  • Move to Top - Once an assignment is created, you have the choice to move the assignment to the top.  Nice for loading assignments then rearranging them.
Then I opened a class I had already created, with assignments.  I click on an assignment and the page had changed... Good and Bad.
  • Good - Looks so much cleaner and there are thumbnails of the documents on the right of the page.
  • Bad - No folder button.  I liked going to the google drive folder for the sole purpose that I could single click a document, click the preview eye, and quickly scan through documents.  Please request that is put back.  When you click the documents, you get a new tab for each.

From the Student Side

  • When a Student opens an assignment, they can see both the instructions, and their assignment on the same page, a nice change from before.
  • Less buttons when you open an assignment.  Students click on the Add button and they have the following menu.

All-in-all, I like the changes.  I do wish there was an alternative to the folder button, but I can live.  It is a large improvement.

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