Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Student-Centered or Tech: What came first?

As part of a large school district, a trainer of teachers working with over 14,000 chromebooks, I have often asked this question.  I see teachers giving responsibility to students as I walk around the classes at the different schools.  Students are in charge of their learning and extending what the teachers give them to come with their own information.  There is a shift in focus from the "Sage on the Stage" to the content and how students can work with it and relate to it.  For those who let technology transform their class, which came first?  Where they teachers who lead student-centered classes or was the chromebook a conduit that allowed them to transfer some control of learning to the students?

I ask this question, because I have seen teachers transform their classes.  In order to transform their classes and create innovative learning experiences for students, teachers must shift their classes to student-centered learning environments.  What works best to support a transformative classroom?

As we select teachers for subsequent rollouts of chromebooks, do we look for teachers who conduct classes in a student-centered manner to create student centered lessons on chromebooks, or do we look for teacher-centered classrooms and given them chromebooks as a catalyst for changing classes to more interactive spaces.

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